At the end of the show, she begins walking past me while gazing into my eyes. Just as she walks by I hold my hand out. She gently places her hand on top of mine as are fingers slowly caress each other’s palms during the brief encounter. She continues walking away and is headed towards the band members. My two wingmen are stunned.
“Dude, GO GET HER!” one says
Ack! I know it looks weak to chase after a girl but shit, I had to do it.
I approach her while she is talking to the lead singer of the band. Oh man, how the hell am I supposed to compete with this guy. My strategy is to open the guy first, ignore the target, be-friend the obstacle and then somehow isolate Rapunzel (standard pick-up artist strategy).
“Oh hey man, that was a great show” I say
I have a quick conversation with the band leader. He’s a cool guy but it was very clear that he also wanted Rapunzel. I turn to her in an attempt to isolate.
“Hey, I saved a dance for you, lets go” I tell her as I hold out my hand.
“Ummm, no thanks. I’m going to stay here.” she replies
“Alright, good talking to you guys” I say, ejecting from the set.
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I was just looking for some quotes about singles then found this page..all i can say is lets all be positive and something good will happen even if that takes positive.

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